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PERIPHERIE 8 is looking forward to strengthening the team.

We are open to additional team members in the new Basel showroom.  

The independent project space for artistic experiments was founded by Thea Geneva in June 2021.

The attic room is located in a residential building. It measures 21,546m2 and has a second room for administration and vernissages.

Our philosophy has a lot to do with the topic: a room of one's own (Virginia Woolf), the right to have one's own room in order to realize one's ideas. In this case we want to create opportunities for artists, curators, collectives without external pressure.


We focus on a program with different media and open exchange of regional and international artists.

Our motto is:  Experimental, poetic, performative.

If you feel addressed and bring the following with you:

- Good communication skills in German and possibly also in English.

- Reliability

- Experience in the field of culture and art

- pleasure in contact  

- Independent, team-oriented and organizational way of working

- An advantage is experience in various Adobe programs, Excel and other channels such as social media etc.

- Supervise readiness for technical and practical work and exhibitions.

This is what awaits you and these are your areas of responsibility:

- A small motivated team from the  disciplines of art and photography.

- Assisting in the diverse areas of an art space.

- Opportunities to bring in your own ideas.

- We work on a voluntary basis without  Remuneration for this with a lot of motivation.

- Networking in the field of art.

- On request: internship certificate

We look forward to growing our team.

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